How to Start Your Own 99 Cent Store or Dollar Store

If you want to start your own.99 cent store, or dollar store, I can help you out here.

I used to own (2) 99 cent stores in the San Diego area. I had the first one opened in North County in 1990, before most people knew what they were. When I got out of the navy, I was at a swap meet in San Diego, and there was a guy selling stuff, and he was yelling to the people walking by, everything for $1, and he had lots of people buying stuff.

I knew I wanted to get into that business. I drove to Los Angles and drove around, and found a place to buy stuff. This was before the internet was on everyone’s desktop.

I came to the conclusion that you make 40 cents on the dollar, in the dollar store business. We used to sell food, toys, cleaning products, jewelry, sunglasses, and so on. I’m sure the bigger chains with super buying power gets even a bigger discount on items. We had 2 products private labeled with our store name on it. I paid.65 cents for each bottle from Hocking International years ago. I had 2,400 bottles of glass cleaner, and 2,400 bottles of green dish soap, made up with my own name on the label, and that was pretty neat, just like all these books I write right now, pretty fun stuff to meRead more at

All the major cities have hubs that you can get products from. Los Angles, Chicago, Miami, New York. If you go to Vernon California, which is a warehouse district in the LA area, you can drive around, and see so many dollar warehouses. They usually paint pictures of the products on the outside of their buildings. Lots of buildings have giant warehouses, with lots of truck roll up door parking.

You would wan to to a search for ASD/AMD trade shows. Lots of close out, liquidation, over stock, discount brands, overseas suppliers, and plenty of dollar store merchandise dealers, are their for your convenience. If you attend just one trade show, you will know where to get everything to open your very own dollar store.

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