Take Advantage of Bonus Features: How to Play Slot Casino Online like a Professional

Slot casino games online offer a variety of bonus functions that enhance gameplay and can increase winnings. Bonus features can be special functions or eventsĀ slot online terbaik that are activated by specific symbols or combinations. They vary between games. These are the most popular bonus features that you will find on online casinos:

* Free Spins. The most sought after bonus feature is the free spins. You can spin the reels as many times as you like and still keep your winnings. Three or more scatters symbols are required to trigger free spins. These symbols can appear on any reel and will pay out regardless of paylines. The free spins feature extra features such as wilds, multipliers or expanding symbols.

* Bonus games. Bonus games take you to another screen where you interact with the game. You can also win prizes. Bonus games can be triggered when three or more symbols are landed, such as symbols specific to a game’s theme. Bonus games come in different formats such as wheel of Fortune, matching cards, pick-and click, etc.

* Jackpots. The jackpots in online slot casinos are the largest prizes. They can either be fixed or progressive. The fixed jackpot is a predetermined amount that you win when you match certain symbols. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, are a pool of money that increases every time someone plays.

* Gamble function. The Gamble feature allows you to quadruple or double your winnings if you correctly guess the suit or color of a given card. The Gamble feature will usually be activated following a winning spin. You can then choose whether to collect or gamble your winnings. If you make a wrong guess, your winnings will be lost. You can increase your odds of winning by taking advantage of bonus features. You should be mindful of any limitations and risks associated with each bonus.

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